Teen Mom 2 star TJ Maxx launches his own fashion line

TJ Max x website TJ Maxx, a pop culture icon and fashion mogul, is launching his own line of clothing and accessories.

TJ Maxy, who is known for his work with brands including Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and Dolce & Gabbana, launched his new line, The TJ Maxo Collection, in a limited run of 10,000 T-shirts and accessories in stores nationwide today.

The collection includes a range of T-shirt designs including one with the word “I’m a TJ Max X” printed across it.

The brand will launch a line of accessories including men’s and women’s hats, hoodies, socks and shoes.

The T-Shirts will be available for $60, while the accessories will be priced at $180.

In addition, the brand will be releasing a new t-shirt in the new year.

The line is expected to launch later this year.

TJMaxx.com says it will release the first of several limited edition clothing collections that will launch in 2016.

The first collection will be released later this month.

“We are incredibly excited to bring The TJMaxo Collection to the world,” said TJ Maxiks founder, TJ Maxus.

“It’s a bold and innovative new direction for the brand, and a great way to show our love for the original brand and our fans.”

The TJmaxx website has already launched, including a T-Zone page featuring photos of the clothing collection.

“The TJ Max brand is not just about the clothes we wear but also the stories we tell,” the company says.

“That’s why we’re launching a brand new series of clothing inspired by the original TJ Max products.”

The company also says that The TJ maxx line will be sold online through the site and on select retailers such as Amazon, Target and Best Buy.

In January, the TJ maxxes founder told PEOPLE that the line was going to be “a real step up” for the fashion brand.

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