Why Walmart has to remove fake news from its websites

Posted September 07, 2019 07:20:56The world’s largest retailer is using social media and other tools to crack down on fake news and misleading websites.

The company has begun to remove content from the popular news website BuzzFeed, and its website, Walmart.com, has been redesigned to better suit the news site’s content guidelines.

The decision was made on Tuesday after a review of the site’s algorithms and practices, said Jeff Willey, Walmart’s chief marketing officer for the Americas.

Walmart says the site is a reliable source of news and information, and it has removed fake news, which the company says is spread by a number of sources, including people who try to sell “fake news.”

BuzzFeed is also known for posting stories that are not real.

In an effort to combat fake news on the site, Walmart decided to develop an automated system that will automatically flag sites that are being shared or promoted as genuine news sources.

BuzzFeed’s website is a trusted source for news, and is often the first source people come to when they want to learn more about the latest news.

The algorithm will automatically detect stories that may contain false information or contain misleading information, or are otherwise unsuitable for a wide audience.

Buzzfeed said in a statement that it “is not responsible for content that it posts, and we encourage our users to report and remove false content.”

Walmart is also considering making it easier for users to flag stories as fake, Willey said.

“We are always working to improve our algorithm to be more transparent and transparent about our content,” he said.

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