Kentucky unemployment website has more than 200,000 users and over 3 million page views

Kentucky’s unemployment website was created by a team of programmers and a web developer to help people find jobs.

The website is so popular it is now called the “Kentucky Unemployment website,” and it has over 2 million visitors a day, according to the Kentucky Employment Agency.

The agency says its been used by 2.5 million Kentuckians since it launched in October 2014.

“We created it because we realized that there is so much misinformation on the internet,” said Mike Davis, who is a senior director of marketing at the Kentucky Office of Economic Development.

“It’s like a website for all of us.”

Kentucky is among the states that uses a different website, the Kentucky Unemployment Information System, which is more detailed and accurate, and it is more popular with job seekers.

Davis said the unemployment agency is working with the Kentucky Economic Development Authority to bring its website up to date with job openings and job openings requiring an application.

Davis, an entrepreneur who started the website about five years ago, said the Kentucky site has over 3.5 Million unique visitors a month, which he said is about 15 percent of the state’s workforce.

He said that is a great thing.

“The way the unemployment system works is that there are about 3 million unemployed people in Kentucky, and they’re all looking for work,” he said.

Kentucky’s unemployment agency says the state has over 5 million unemployment benefits, but the job seekers have access to unemployment benefits through the state and local government.

The job seekers are often looking for jobs in other states and states are hiring, but Davis said it is not easy to find work in the state.

He hopes the website will help them find jobs, but also said it will help people understand how the system works.

Kentuckians have also been using the unemployment site to find information on what is considered fair market value.

That is, how much a job will bring in.

Davis explained that when you get an offer, the employer may ask you for a price.

When you get the price and you say yes, the company will give you a job.

Davis says the unemployment website also provides the state with information on how to calculate fair market values.

Davis believes that this will help workers understand how their job is valued.

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